CoCo Love

Love + Light

I am Raasheeda M. Jasiri, owner and curator of Gratefully Yours Coco Love. Over the last 7 years my little "side hustle" turned into a little “side business” as I made a transition from my hometown in California to Little Rock where Coco Love experienced beautiful growth. 

About a year ago, I was laid off a job and immediately decided to make my passion "my business” full-time. With the awareness that becoming a businessperson as a single, black mom, would certainly have its obstacles, I also fully understood that it was more than possible. It is my responsibility.   

I make these products  with quality ingredients, and careful consideration. Love is Action! Self-Love is necessary! I am truly Grateful for every opportunity I get to connect with you as we continue to spread Love.


Gratefully Yours, 

Coco Love.

~ Raasheeda M. Jasiri


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